Lombardini Engines
A new range of engines, modern and technologically advanced

Lombardini group is able to offer a complete range of air-cooled diesel engines, liquid cooled diesel engines, air-cooled gasoline engines, liquid-cooled gasoline engines for automotive, industry, marine and agriculture.
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Lombardini Marine Engines
Maximum reliability and safety in every operating conditions.

Lombardini Marine, a division of the Lombardini Group,is able to offer inboard diesel marine engines and generators for marine applications based on well-established and reputed FOCS, CHD and JMT families.
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Kohler Engines
A wide range of engines to suit every need

Kohler Engines, part of the Kohler group, one of the leading companies in the market for commercial and industrial motors, are recognized for over 80 years as a synonym for innovation and legendary performance.
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Perkins Engines
A wide range of engines to suit every need of the market

Thanks to a constant research and development, Perkins Engines are the most efficient solution for the machines of industry sectors, construction, agriculture, earthmoving. Diesel and gas engines with a power range from 4 to 2,000 kW, suitable for more than 5,000 different uses, and sets.
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Perkins Sabre Engines
A wide range of engines to suit every need of the market

The Perkins Sabre marine diesel engines are the result of the combination of the expertise of world specialists in the field of research and planning. Perkins has an experience of over 68 years in the construction of diesel engines and has reached the top of diesel science.
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Castoldi Jet
Complete waterjet propulsion systems

Castoldi Company is unanimously considered the innovator of the waterjet propulsion system and the Company that relaunched its world wide popularity thanks to the development of a totally new design which upsets the general opinion that reputed the waterjet unit low in efficiency and poorly manoeuvrable.
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Minicar Spare Parts
City cars, mini-cars, cars without a license, small cars spare parts

For all mini-cars equipped with Lombardini Engines we offer: complete engines, all mechanical spare parts, drive belts, elastic supports, tablets brakes, shock absorbers, radiators, lights, complete dimmers etc.
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